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A good shoe deodorizer is like gold. Anything that can genuinely stop shoe odors instead of just covering them up is worth paying for, especially if you continually experience extra smelly shoes. That being said, do you understand how deodorizing sprays eliminate shoe odors?

ShoeFresh is not the only deodorizing shoe spray on the market. We think it is the best, obviously, but we know that we have competitors. All deodorizing spray products, including both shoe sprays and air fresheners, look to eliminate odors through disinfecting, deodorizing, or a combination of both.

The disinfectant portion actually has two stages. In the first stage, active fungus and bacteria is destroyed by the spray. In the second stage, the deodorizing spray actually coats the affected surface to prevent future fungal and bacterial growth.

Absorbing Foul Odors

Disinfecting smelly shoes is a good start. But it doesn’t prevent odors that emanate from stinky feet. This is where the deodorizing portion comes into play. There are two ways to attack smelly foot odors, the first being to absorb them. Absorption is based on the science behind what makes certain smells unpleasant.

Odors are the result of certain molecules making it to the human olfactory system where the brain registers them as being unpleasant. The fact that you smell pizza down at your local pizza shop is the result of molecules floating through the air. Those molecules reach your nose and trigger your nervous system to send a signal to your brain. Your brain recognizes the molecules as those pertaining to pizza.

The odors produced by stinky feet work in the same way. So when a deodorizing shoe spray is designed around the absorption model, the idea is to absorb the molecules before they ever leave the shoe. You will not smell them if they are not floating through the air. It is pretty simple.

Eliminating Odors

The other option for designing a shoe deodorizer spray is to actually eliminate the odors altogether. How do you do that? By creating a spray that contains molecules capable of bonding to odor molecules. How does that help? The bonding molecule eliminates the smell by presenting your olfactory system with something it doesn’t recognize.

The idea here is that the molecules still reach the olfactory system, but they do not have a smell. They are unrecognizable. As far as your brain is concerned, the smell has been eliminated.

Some deodorizer sprays – usually ones designed as air fresheners – can actually bond to foul odor molecules and carry them away by making them too heavy to float in the air. Thus, they never reach your nose. They simply fall to the ground where they get mopped up with all the rest of the nasties.

Long-Lasting Odor Protection

We cannot speak for how our competitors make their products. We wouldn’t even dare to try. There are different ways sprays can work to attack odors. What we can say is that ShoeFresh is unlike any other shoe deodorizing spray you’ve tried. It offers long-lasting protection against stinky shoes with a special formula that eliminates existing odors and prevents new odors from forming for up to three months.

We are so confident in our product’s ability to eliminate shoe odors that we offer a no-questions-asked guarantee. Use ShoeFresh for three months. If you still have stinky shoes after that, contact us for a refund.

How do shoe deodorizing sprays work? By disinfecting, preventing additional bacterial growth, and either absorbing or eliminating foul odor molecules. At the end of the day, the science might not matter to you. You just want a deodorizing spray that works. That’s fine with us.