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It is that time of year when we start gathering with loved ones to celebrate the holidays. You might already be looking at a full schedule of family gatherings, office parties, and casual meet-ups with your friends. We just have one question: are you and your shoes prepared for holiday gatherings?

If you count yourself among the estimated 16% of American adults who struggle with shoe odor, you might already be dreading the upcoming parties. You know many of them will be held in homes where your friends and family members expect guests to leave their shoes at the door. The last thing you want is for you and your smelly shoes to become a holiday gathering buzz kill.

From our perspective, the solution to your shoe odors is fairly simple. You just get yourself some ShoeFresh shoe deodorizer and use it as directed. Problem solved. In the absence of ShoeFresh or some other type of shoe deodorizer spray, you only have a few other choices.

Avoid Certain Gatherings

Your first option is to avoid all those holiday gatherings where you might be asked to remove your shoes at the door. Maybe you’ll have to miss Christmas Eve at your in-laws’ house. You might have to turn down your best friend who issues an invitation to what could arguably be the best New Year’s Eve party ever.

No worries. It’s all good. You can attend the office Christmas party without having to worry about removing your shoes. Likewise for any other holiday gatherings held at restaurants, bars, and party venues. You should have enough options to keep you busy, right?

Carry Slippers with You

If missing the more intimate holiday gatherings is a no go, you can always carry a pair of slippers and a plastic bag with you. The plastic bag is for the smelly shoes you take off and leave at the door. Put them in the bag and close it up. Problem solved, at least temporarily.

As for the slippers, you slip them on when you take your shoes off. You keep those smelly feet and socks under wraps until it’s time to go home. Then you switch back to your shoes and off you go. Crisis averted for another year.

Take Your Chances

Yet a third option is to simply accept all those holiday invitations and take your chances. It could be that you are worrying about nothing. Maybe your in-laws will be fine with you keeping your shoes on. Your best friend might be so carried away at his New Year’s Eve party that he doesn’t even see you wearing your shoes.

On the other hand, there is always the chance that a host or hostess will greet you at the door and politely ask you to leave your shoes there. Honoring that request puts you at risk. Will people smell you coming, or will they be so engrossed in holiday festivities that the foot odor you are so paralyzed by goes unnoticed? There is only one way to know. Are you feeling lucky?

Eliminating Odors Is Easy

Hopefully you recognize that this post offers a heavy dose of sarcasm. We actually don’t endorse any of the potential solutions discussed here – with the obvious exception of using a foot odor spray.

In all seriousness, there is no need to avoid holiday gatherings out of fear of offending people with shoe odors. Eliminating the odors is so easy. ShoeFresh is the best shoe odor eliminator on the market. It is effective, very easy to use, and lasts for several months at a time. What more do you need to know?