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Customers familiar with ShoeFresh know that we are all about attacking stinky shoes with an effective shoe odor remover. To that end, we’re confident we offer the best shoe odor eliminator in our deodorizing spray. But where possible, wouldn’t it be better to avoid stinky shoes altogether? Why eliminate a problem if preventing smelly feet from occurring at all is an option?

While there are exceptions to the rule, there are some simple things most of us can do to either completely eliminate or greatly reduce smelly feet problems. Below are just a few suggestions compliments of the Cleveland clinic.

As you read, bear in mind that no single solution works for everyone. You may try everything you can think of and still find that your shoes stink. We are here for you. Check out our shoe odor eliminator that can keep odors at bay for months at a time.

Soak Your Feet Regularly

The Cleveland clinic’s first suggestion is to soak your feet in a combination of warm water and Epsom salts. The idea is to both clean your feet and draw excess moisture out of the skin. Less moisture means a less attractive environment in which bacteria can grow.

This is a good suggestion to try if you make a point of thoroughly cleaning your feet while in the shower but still cannot seem to stop the smelly feet thing. Showering may not be enough. Try soaking your feet once a week for 10 to 20 minutes.

Do Your Best to Stay Dry

You might notice in your search for a solution that many of the suggestions are in some way related to combating moisture. That is because moisture encourages bacterial growth. Avoid moisture and you get the leg up on stinky bacteria.

That being the case, do your best to keep your feet dry. Avoid going out in foul weather without protective footwear. If you go swimming or visit the beach, take a towel with you and dry your feet as soon as you get out of the water. Dry your feet thoroughly after getting out of the shower as well.

Disinfect Your Shoes

Although we are confident that our shoe deodorizing spray is a better option, you can also disinfect your shoes with a commercial spray product. Should you choose this route, look for a product that actually kills bacteria. If it is just a perfume, all you’ll have at the end of the day is nice smelling bacteria living inside your shoes.

The only thing worse than bacteria itself is bacteria that smells pretty. Spraying with a perfume that doesn’t disinfect is essentially putting lipstick on a pig. We don’t recommend it.

Use an Absorbing Powder

Finally, you might consider using an absorbing powder on your feet whenever you plan to wear shoes. The idea is for the powder to absorb any perspiration your feet produce. Of course, this suggestion works better when you are also wearing socks.

Some people recommend an antiperspirant instead of powder. That’s right. The same antiperspirant you put under your arms is suitable for your feet as well. Perspiration is perspiration. It doesn’t matter which sweat glands produce it.

Unfortunately, some people do their best to deodorize their shoes but still fail because they have a problem with preventing smelly feet. It is not a nice problem to have. Hopefully, the suggestions offered in this post will give you some direction.

We wish you well in your search for a smelly feet solution. Please do try ShoeFresh deodorizing shoe spray. You may just find it’s the solution you’ve been looking for all this time.