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Summer is a whole new ballgame in terms of shoe choice. The heavy boots and winter galoshes are put away for the season. The dress shoes are reserved for work. The rest of the time, your feet will enjoy sandals, flip flops, or perhaps nothing at all. The only thing is that some pairs of summer shoes can truly be uncomfortable due to the friction between them and your feet. Shoe friction is enough to ruin even the best summer day.

The good news is that summer shoe friction is not a hard problem to conquer. In fact, you might be surprised to learn that there are some quite easy and effective things you can do to eliminate it. This post will discuss some of them.

As you read, bear in mind that one of the big things that leads to foul shoe odors in the summer is also responsible for friction: moisture. Cut down on the moisture and there will be considerably less friction between your shoes and your skin. And while you are at it, be sure to treat all your summer shoes with ShoeFresh shoe deodorizing spray.

1. Try Some Antiperspirant

Moist skin is more tactile skin. So when there is moisture on your feet, it is easier for the fabric of your shoes to create friction with it. Even flip-flops can be problematic when your feet are perspiring. The strap that runs between your big toe and the one next to it can create enough friction to lead to blisters.

If you are planning to wear sandals or flip-flops all day, you might want to try a little antiperspirant. Put just a dab on your fingers and then rub it all over your feet. Not only will it cut down on moisture, but the antiperspirant will also act as a lubricant of sorts. Just be sure to use antiperspirant and not deodorant. Antiperspirant has ingredients designed to stop perspiration while deodorant is nothing more than perfume for your armpits.

2. Use Foot Powder

If the idea of rubbing antiperspirant all over your feet seems odd, foot powder is a good alternative. It doesn’t stop perspiration, but it does a particularly good job of absorbing moisture. Just apply foot powder before you head out for the day. But be warned: you will not get all day protection like you would with antiperspirant. In fact, you might have to reapply foot powder several times throughout the day.

3. Use Moleskin Tape

A third option is to use a product specifically designed to prevent the blisters that occur from shoe friction. It is called moleskin tape. Moleskin tape is a thick tape with a fabric outer surface that places some friction-busting cushioning between your feet and shoes. You can buy it at any corner pharmacy or department store.

Moleskin tape is quite easy to use. Just cut pieces to the exact size and shape you need and stick them in place. Wherever shoe friction is greatest makes a good spot. The tape easily peels off at the end of the