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Spring and summer are the two seasons that seem to be the worst for people who suffer from chronic foot odor. Warmer temperatures and more time spent outdoors are contributing factors. Fortunately, you don’t have to hide your feet out of fear that they stink. There are things you can do to prevent foot odor problems during the summer.

A good place to start is with a high-quality shoe spray. If you are looking for the best shoe odor eliminator on the market, look no further than ShoeFresh. But don’t stop there. Consider these additional tips to keep foot odor under control:

Good Hygiene

The most common cause of unseemly foot odor are bacteria that work their way into your shoes. You can fight back with good hygiene. Wash your feet every day with warm water and soap. If necessary, try an antibacterial soap. After washing, be sure to dry your feet thoroughly. Never put socks and shoes on damp or wet feet.

A key to daily hygiene is making sure you wash thoroughly between your toes. It is also helpful to keep your toenails trimmed. For added comfort, use a pumice stone to remove dead, flaky skin.

Use Absorbent Powders to Fight Foot Odor

ShoeFresh is an anti-foot odor product designed to be sprayed inside your shoes. One application can last as long as three months. As for your feet, consider using absorbent powders during the summer months – especially if you suffer from hyperhidrosis. A talcum powder or baby powder can absorb excess perspiration without harming your skin.

Stick With Your Socks

Spring and summer are typically when the socks come off. For most people, this is not a problem. But it can be a problem for people who normally experience foot odor. Why? Because socks absorb perspiration. They act as a wick that draws perspiration away from the skin, thereby inhibiting bacteria. Take away the socks and you lose that benefit.

It is true that wearing socks with your sandals isn’t the coolest thing to do. So keep the socks but trade your sandals for a pair of sneakers or deck shoes. You will still be in style for summer without encouraging bacteria to make your feet their vacation home.

Change Up Your Shoes to Prevent Foot Odor

There is no way to prevent your shoes from absorbing at least some perspiration. That doesn’t mean you can’t fight foot odor before it happens. So in warmer weather, it’s a good idea to change up your shoes. Wear one pair today, then let it rest tomorrow. Continuously rotating between two or three pairs of shoes allows each pair to dry out for a day or two before you wear them again.

Go Barefoot at Home

Like your shoes, your feet also need a break from time to time. Try going barefoot in the house. Give your feet exposure to the air. This will help inhibit bacteria growth. Going barefoot also allows perspiration to evaporate naturally. Reduced foot odor problems should be a side effect of this practice.

Make the Most of Summer

We realize that spring and summer can be uncomfortable for people who suffer from foot odor problems. That is one of the reasons we created ShoeFresh. Our revolutionary shoe odor eliminator is designed to get rid of the smell in your shoes and prevent it from returning. We hope you will use it as one tool or for making the most of summer.

With spring here and summer on the doorstep, it is time to get up and go do things. Do not let potential foot odors stop you from making the most of the season. Utilize the tips in this post and you will be in a good place. Buy ShoeFresh on Amazon now to get ahead of shoe odor.