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One of the best parts of summer is being able to leave the house without having to get all bundled up. There are no heavy coats to put on, no gloves and hats to retrieve from the closet and, of course, no boots or other cumbersome footwear options to lug around. You get out the door more quickly and comfortably.

Thinking about that got us wondering about summer footwear. With the heavy winter boots put away for the season, the proverbial door is opened to so many more possibilities. What do you think? What is your favorite summer footwear option?

Comfortable Sneakers

All your footwear options make excellent candidates for ShoeFresh shoe deodorizing spray. That said, perhaps your favorite pair of summer shoes are those comfortable sneakers you bought a couple of years ago. They have served you well since you first brought them home. You absolutely adore them. Protect them with ShoeFresh spray.

Sneakers are ideal for working in the yard and taking walks in the city. They are great for golf and an occasional game of pickup basketball. But they are not the best choice for walking in the sand or washing the car. For certain activities, you need something else.

Open-Toed Sandals

There are those among us who prefer to let their feet breathe during the summer months. They prefer open-toed sandals over any other footwear options. Here’s the thing: sandals can act as all-purpose summer shoes as long as they are up for the weather. If your sandals cannot handle summer rains, you might want to invest in a cheap pair of flip-flops.

Cheapest Footwear Option

Speaking of flip-flops, you can usually buy them for $1 per pair. You can find them at your local dollar store, the corner pharmacy, your favorite grocery store, and just about every department store in the country. They are easy on the wallet and the feet alike, making them one of the top summer footwear options.

If flip-flops have a downside, it is this: cheaper pairs might not offer particularly good traction if they get wet. That is partially due to the materials manufacturers utilize. If you do find a pair with good wet traction, consider it a good find indeed.

Water Shoes

Water shoes were originally designed to be worn while swimming. The idea was to perfect your feet in natural bodies of water – like rivers, creeks, lakes, and ponds. But guess what? Water shoes can actually be quite comfortable as regular footwear options. There is just one catch: they encourage perspiration.

Despite water shoes being fairly open on the top, they are pretty heavy on the rubber. They generally have rubber soles and insoles. The result is limited airflow that actually encourages perspiration. So if you are going to wear water shoes as daily footwear, be sure to have an ample supply of our shoe deodorizing spray on hand.

Rotate Your Footwear Options

We have given you a lot of options for summer footwear. We suspect that you have your favorites. But here is one more suggestion: wear them all. If you have shoes in all the categories discussed here, consider rotating your footwear every day.

Rotating the shoes that you wear gives each pair ample opportunity to dry out after a full day of use. Doing so can be an effective strategy for eliminating foot odors during the warmest part of the year. Rotating your footwear options may not eliminate odors completely, but that is what ShoeFresh is for. Spray your shoes with ShoeFresh and they are good to go for up to three months.

Do you have a favorite pair of summer shoes? If so, get them ready. Summer is on the doorstep.