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Most of the foot odors that our shoe deodorizer is designed to fight are the result of nothing more than perspiration encouraging bacterial growth in your shoes. Our shoe spray acts as both a deodorizer and preventative measure to keep foot odors at bay for up to three months. But sometimes, our customers have a nail fungus that requires medical treatment.

How can you know if a fungus is causing your foot odors? You can start by going online and researching nail fungus and athlete’s foot. The two are slightly different, but they often present similar symptoms. If your feet display some or all those symptoms, your next step is to head off to your doctor or podiatrist for a professional evaluation.

Infection of the Hands or Feet

A nail infection can occur on either the hands or feet. It is more likely to be a foot issue given that most of us keep our feet enclosed in socks and shoes all day. Regardless, a fungal infection of the nail almost always starts as a slight yellow spot just underneath the nail.

As the fungus reproduces, it spreads. Gradually, larger portions of the nail turn yellow. The nail also tends to thicken and get more brittle. Some people experience portions of the nail actually breaking and falling off. Nail fungus often results in a foul-smelling odor; it can sometimes involve a bit of discharge as well.

The good news about nail fungus is that it is not extremely serious. A lot of people successfully treat it with over-the-counter medications. Some let it go and it resolves by itself. If neither option works, a doctor can prescribe a topical medication.

According to the Mayo Clinic, a persistent case of nail fungus that remains untreated could lead to other issues. Do not take any chances with a fungal infection if you have a suppressed immune system, diabetes, or any kind of immunological condition.

Treating Your Shoes

Smelly shoes as a result of a fungal infection are treated the same way as those that smell for any other reason. The first thing you have to do is get the infection under control. Once you’ve done that, it’s a good idea to wash your shoes. You want to eliminate any fungus that may have already started to grow inside them. Afterward, let them dry and hit them with ShoeFresh.

ShoeFresh shoe deodorizing spray should eliminate any lingering odors after washing. Then, just check your shoes every few months. Each application should adequately protect your shoes for about three months. At the first sign of even the slightest odor, hit them again.

Take note that our product is not just for sneakers or work shoes. It is equally effective at eliminating odors from dress shoes, sandals, crocks, hiking boots, and even ice skates and ski boots. Any shoe or boot that you put your foot into is a prime candidate for our spray.

Take Care of Your Feet

In closing, we want to encourage our customers to take care of their feet as well as they take care of their shoes. While a fungal infection usually isn’t serious, it can become serious under the right conditions. Do not take any chances. If you see the signs of a fungal infection, get it taken care of as quickly as you can.

Whether you have a nail infection, athlete’s foot, or another problem altogether, taking good care of your feet will pay off in the long run. Meanwhile, taking care of your shoes with ShoeFresh shoe odor eliminator will only do them good.