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There are two kinds of people in the world: those who wear shoes at home and those who do not. People in the former group are known to take their shoes off at the door rather than crossing the threshold with their feet still covered. People in the latter group might remove wet or dirty shoes at the door, but everything else is fair game.

How about you? Which group do you belong to? It is an interesting thing to observe how people treat shoes in their homes. It is also a deeply personal thing. There are some people who are religious about the need to take shoes off at the door. There are others who are as ambivalent as can be. There is no right or wrong. It is just curious.

Reasons People Wear Shoes at Home

What is even more curious are the reasons behind shoe choices. For some, it is actually a safety issue. Many of our grandparents insist that going without shoes puts the feet needlessly at risk. On the other hand, wearing shoes at home could be about any number of other things:

  • Foot Health – People may choose to wear shoes at home because they suffer from a condition like hyperhidrosis or athlete’s foot. Shoes just make them feel better about their foot health.
  • Fashion Choices – Wearing shoes at home may be a fashion choice. People who are highly fashion conscious may feel naked without their shoes.
  • Comfort – Another reason for wearing shoes at home is comfort. Shoes keep the feet warmer. You can walk around the house without fear of accidentally stepping in or on something.

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Reasons People Don’t Wear Shoes in Their House

Moving on to why people do not wear shoes at home, it is just as complicated. There are people who avoid donning footwear at home just because they don’t like shoes in general. If they could go their entire lives without ever covering their feet, they would. At home, shoes are avoided because they are unnecessary. Are there other reasons? You bet.

  • Cleanliness – It is not unusual to avoid shoes at home for cleanliness reasons. Leaving them at the door means not tracking in all sorts of dirt and grime. It is easier to keep the house clean when you bring in less dirt.
  • Hygiene – There are some people who go above and beyond the cleanliness of their homes. They avoid shoes because they consider it a hygiene issue. They are concerned that their shoes are bringing in bacteria, viruses, etc., in addition to dirt and grime.
  • Culture – In some cultures, wearing shoes in the home is impolite. You just don’t do it. Whether you live in a particular home or you are a guest, you take your shoes off at the door.
  • Comfort – Just as there are people who wear shoes at home for comfort, some people avoid them at home for the same reason. They simply find shoes uncomfortable.

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