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People who have difficulty dealing with shoe odors may find themselves reticent to visit friends and family. Many of them are also hesitant to travel overseas. Why? Because they do not want to put themselves in a position of having to remove their shoes. Unfortunately, it is occasionally unavoidable. Sometimes, removing your shoes is a sign of respect not to be ignored.

Prolific travelers know this all too well. There are some destinations around the world in which travelers are expected to remove their shoes whenever entering an indoor space. Other cultures are not so strict, only requiring that shoes be removed prior to entering a home or religious building.

Here in the states, removing one’s shoes is not necessarily a cultural norm. However, one could still make the case that doing so is a sign of respect. As you read some of the possibilities below, keep in mind that our shoe spray for odor can eliminate the risk of embarrassment by eliminating the shoe odors you dread so much.

Thailand and Vietnam

Thailand and Vietnam are two countries in which it is almost unheard of to go indoors while wearing shoes. The practices in both countries are linked to religious beliefs that suggest the spirit of a person resides mostly above the shoulders. Therefore, the head is considered clean and pure. The feet are just the opposite. They are considered dirty.

Wearing shoes is one way to make the feet less dirty. But still, you do not want that dirt in your home or temple. Shop keepers and hotel operators in both countries don’t want the dirt on their premises either. It is a spiritual thing. They insist that shoes be left outdoors along with their spiritual contamination.

Japan and South Korea

Japan and South Korea have a similar view of the head and feet in terms of the human spirit. Yet they take a more relaxed approach to shoes. In most homes, temples, and businesses where shoes are not allowed, you can at least wear them into the entryway. There your shoes are removed and, if you so desire, slippers are offered as a replacement.

It is interesting to note that homes and businesses typically offer an entryway that is lower than any other portion of the space. This is in keeping with the idea that the feet are the most spiritually dirty aspect of a person. By keeping dirty shoes in the lowest part of the space, you protect the purity of the rest of the home or business.

Shoes in the West

In the West, we are less likely to associate cultural or spiritual matters with one’s shoes. Yet that does not mean that shoes are in no way related to showing respect. They actually are.

Regardless of whether your shoes smell bad enough to require the use of a shoe deodorizer, they still collect dirt and debris while you are out and about during the day. Wearing your shoes into someone’s home without asking permission indicates that you have no trouble tracking that dirt and grime into their personal space. Some would argue that doing so is disrespectful.

On the other hand, removing your shoes at the door indicates you respect your guest and the cleanliness of their home. It is similar to the cultural norms in Asia, just with a different motivation behind it.

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