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No one likes stinky shoes! ShoeFresh shoe deodorizer spray is the new way to keep all your shoes fresh. So if you have stinky gym shoes that make your car smell weird, this stuff is for you. If your kids’ hockey skates smell up the entire house, you’re going to love it. If your hiking boots smell up all the other shoes in your closet, you need this stuff! If you have to hold your breath while you lace up your running shoes, order today.

You want to get to the gym quickly and not be worrying about whether your shoes need another spray of the stuff that doesn’t really work. You want to be cheering your kids on at hockey, not dreading the smell when the skates come off. With ShoeFresh you can apply once to your whole family’s running shoes, hockey skates, hiking boots, and any other footwear prone to stink–and then get on with your life, no smell check required!