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There are lots of ways to keep your shoes smelling fresh, but this new shoe deodorizer spray by ShoeFresh is the best. Why? You apply it once at it will last at least 3 months—guaranteed. With other products they want you to spray your shoes as often as every day for their product to work! Who wants to have to treat their shoes every day? Some products have to be stored inside your shoes constantly when they’re not being worn. Who wants to mess with that?! With ShoeFresh, just treat all your shoes once and then forget about it. They will be ready to go when you are, no smell test required.

And by guaranteed, we mean guaranteed. If your shoes smell bad, just let us know. You can send back what’s left and we’ll give you a full refund. We can make this guarantee because we know you’re going to love it!

You’re going to love ShoeFresh shoe spray because it works. It’s fragrance free, so it doesn’t just try to mask the stink in your shoe—it eliminates it. Lots of other products try to trick you into thinking you are fixing your problem by loading up their products with perfumes and fragrances. When you apply the product, you smell the nice fragrance coming out of the bottle—but as soon as you put the bottle away that shoe smell remains. Now it’s just mixed with perfume! ShoeFresh has no added fragrance and is odorless. ShoeFresh shoe spray is just there to get into the shoe and kill that shoe stink.

Another reason to choose ShoeFresh is for the value. Every bottle contains enough spray to treat at least 12 pairs of shoes for an entire year. So for the price of 1 bottle of ShoeFresh, you can keep your whole family smelling fresh for a year. Can anyone else do that?

You want to get to the gym and know your shoes smell won’t stink up the place. You want to think about getting your kids home from hockey practice, not worry if they’re going to stink up the whole house when they get home. You want to put on those hiking boots when you’re ready for a hike and not worry about whether the smell is going to scare the other hikers.
Spray all of that footwear with ShoeFresh shoe spray today and get on with your life!