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If you are dealing with shoe odor problems serious enough to require our revolutionary shoe deodorizer spray, you probably know that the problem isn’t limited to a certain type of shoe. Just about any shoe can be affected. Open-toed shoes and sandals are less of a liability, but the bacteria that causes odors literally knows no boundaries.

We recommend ShoeFresh for all types of shoes. It works on sneakers, dress shoes, casual shoes, and even shoes that don’t look like shoes at first glance. Need some examples? Check these out:

Running Shoes

Running shoes, sometimes referred to as trainers, are the poster child of stinky shoes. Run a couple of miles in your trainers and you’re bound to build up moisture and bacteria. If you are a regular runner, you know just how disgusting your trainers can get. They might even be the stinkiest shoes in your closet.

Running shoes are especially problematic because they are made of fabrics that easily absorb perspiration. And where there’s perspiration, there is bacteria just waiting to rear its ugly head. It is good for you that our shoe deodorizer spray can leave your trainers smelling like new.

Hiking Boots

A good pair of hiking boots protects the feet against all sorts of damaging things by way of a tough sole and a strong leather body. Unfortunately, hiking boots are not known for their breathability. You know what that means. Long hikes mean sweaty feet and socks. Sweaty feet and socks mean bad odors. Once again, a shoe deodorizing spray takes care of the problem.

Formal Shoes

Formal shoes for women can be anything from pumps to flats. As for the guys, they tend to fancy a good pair of oxfords or wingtips. The thing about dress shoes is that most of them are made from genuine leather. Combined with poor design, leather can reduce airflow significantly.

Spending a full day on the job gives your feet plenty of time to perspire. At the end of the day, when you are looking forward to kicking off your shoes and putting your feet up, stink is the last thing you want to encounter. Heaven forbid you stop to see a friend and have to remove your shoes. You need a good shoe deodorizer.

Ice Skates

The introduction to this post briefly mentioned shoes that do not look like shoes at first glance. Ice skates are a great example. Think about it. Ice skates are just boots with metal blades attached to them. They cover your feet in the same way as a good pair of work boots.

The thing about ice skates is that most of us do not wear them too often. It is easy to ignore their stink for the entire skating season. But take it from us: ignoring it is not a good idea. You really should apply a deodorizer so that they stay smelling fresh and clean year-round.

The truth of the matter is that every pair of shoes in your closet is a candidate for ShoeFresh. Our product doesn’t really care what types of shoes you use it on. It is not partial to pumps over flats or leather over canvas. It just wants to be put to good use protecting your shoes and dominating odors.

Whether you have one pair of shoes or five, foul odors are bad news. But they are also avoidable. Just spray our revolutionary shoe order eliminator inside and forget about it. You get up to three months of protection with any type of shoes you choose to apply it to.