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Most of us had plenty to worry about during the COVID pandemic. At its height, the pandemic had us shut away in our houses in an effort to avoid being exposed to coronavirus. Many of us were on edge. Our nerves were frayed by the combination of worry and the inability to get out. Apparently, a lot of us also neglected foot health.

This is no joke. According to the Fort Morgan (Colorado) Times, local podiatrists have seen an increase in patients who neglected foot health during the pandemic. Many of them experienced issues but put off seeing the podiatrist due to lockdowns and social distancing concerns.

As any podiatrist can tell you, neglecting foot health can impact one’s overall health and well-being. Relatively minor problems include things like athlete’s foot and persistent foot odors due to hyperhidrosis. But that is not all podiatrists have been seeing. More serious issues, like stress fractures, have been popping up.

Take Care of Your Feet

The feet are appendages we tend to take for granted. They are not as visible as the hands. They are not as easily irritated as the eyes. To many of us, the feet are only paid attention to when they are uncomfortable.

The lesson in all of this is to take care of your feet. Podiatrists remind us to do this all the time. So do primary care doctors. As foot health goes, so does the rest of your health. Neglecting foot health can lead to all sorts of additional problems.

Take Care of Your Shoes, Too

While we agree about the importance of maintaining good foot health, our perspective is a little bit different. We look at foot health more from a shoe angle. For starters, a pair of high-quality shoes that fit properly go a long way to maintaining healthy feet.

When you find a good pair of shoes, take care of them. Keep them clean and dry. And should they get wet inadvertently, let them dry out fully before you put them back on your feet. As always, use a good shoe deodorizer like Shoefresh to keep any odors at bay.

If you suffer from hyperhidrosis, one of the most important maintenance tips for your shoes is to always wear socks. Perspiration has a way of seeping into shoes, thereby creating shoe odors as bacteria promulgates. The point of wearing socks is to absorb as much perspiration as possible. That way, it cannot seep down into your shoes.

When Foot Health Problems Arise

Good foot health isn’t guaranteed by practicing standard foot hygiene and wearing well-fitting shoes. Sometimes even the best efforts do not prevent problems. It is knowing how to deal with those problems that counts.

For something like foot odors and athlete’s foot, there are helpful OTC remedies you can try. They cover everything from powders to sprays. Just be sure that any product you buy can be used safely. Always follow manufacturers’ instructions.

If you experience a more serious issue, do not put off seeing the doctor. Make an appointment to visit your primary care physician or a podiatrist. Depending on how your health insurance operates, you may need your GPs referral before you can make a podiatrist appointment.

Apparently, a lot of us put off foot health during the pandemic. Life is slowly returning to normal as the pandemic has given way to an endemic scenario. If you have neglected foot health over the last 18 months or so, now is the time to do something about it. Take care of your feet and they will contribute to overall good health.