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Wet shoes happen to all of us. Whether you live in Salt Lake City, Austin, or Raleigh-Durham, your shoes can get wet when you get caught up in the rain without boots or overshoes. Then you have to walk around in them until you get home – however long that might be. But did you know that it is better to get wet shoes dried out as quickly as possible?

There are times when you have no choice but to walk around in wet shoes for several hours. But when you do have the means to get wet shoes off right away so they can begin drying out, that’s the way to go. It is better for your feet and your shoes. Allow us to explain.

Wet Feet Are Uncomfortable

First and foremost, wet feet are uncomfortable feet. They were not designed to be wet for extended periods of time. But above and beyond the immediate discomfort, there are some other problems to think about. If your feet stay wet for too long, you can start to feel uncomfortably cold. Excess moisture can also cause blisters and sores.

Though it’s not likely unless you go for days on end with wet shoes, your feet being wet for too long could lead to a condition known as trench foot. No matter how you look at it, walking around in wet shoes isn’t good for your feet.

Not Good for Your Shoes

It’s also not good for your shoes to remain wet for a long period of time. Failing to get them dried out as quickly as possible can encourage mold, mildew, and other funguses. And if your shoes are wet because you were out walking in the woods or you stepped in a pond or lake, there is also the potential of having to deal with algae.

ShoeFresh shoe deodorizer and foot odor spray can easily take care of any stinky odors that develop as a result of your shoes being wet. That’s not a problem. But if you can avoid letting mold and mildew get embedded, why wouldn’t you?

How to Dry Wet Shoes

We close this post with suggestions for drying out wet shoes. If you are talking a pair of sneakers or casual loafers, they can be thrown in the dryer with the rest of your laundry. If you have nothing else to dry, still throw couple of bath towels and with your shoes. They will absorb some of the heat and cut down the noise.

It’s obvious you can’t put dress shoes in the dryer. You don’t want to put heavy boots in the dryer, either. In both cases, filing shoes with scrunched up newspaper or paper towel will help by absorbing water and speeding up air drying. Any kind of paper will work if you don’t have newspaper or paper towels lying around.

You can also set shoes in the sun. However, this particular solution could be damaging to some types of dress shoes, so be careful. When you do set your shoes in the sun, be sure to check on them every hour or so. Get them out of the sun as soon as they feel dry. Otherwise, excessive exposure to UV rays can take some life out of them.

Regardless of how you dry your shoes, be sure to give them a treatment of our shoe deodorizer. ShoeFresh is more than just a shoe odor eliminator. It can ward off new odors for several months. Best of all, it does an excellent job even if your shoes never get wet.